Voyage to the Wall

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    By Manning Rubin

    “In the name of the Jewish people I sentence you to death.” This was the condemnation to top Nazi SS and Gestapo officers as each was secretly assassinated after WWII by members of the Underground Jewish Brigade from Palestine.

    These underground operations are only part of the action packed Voyage to The Wall, a gripping story of how the horrors of the Holocaust forced a naïve, young Jewish U.S. Army soldier from the South to a new understanding of his place in the world and the Jewish community.

    Stationed in Germany after the victory in Europe, Sergeant Joey Goldman, like the author, witnesses the decimation of Jews at Dachau and the results of “The Final Solution” at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. It shocks him to his core, changing him from a nonobservant Jew to becoming an ardent but secular Zionist willing to risk his military career assisting the Underground Jewish Brigade in sending weapons and refugees to Palestine despite the harsh British embargo, and he risks his life by assisting them in capturing and killing top Nazis in hiding. Joey experiences an emotional relationship with two aged, battered survivors of Dachau he helps seek refuge and safety. He also finds love with Leah, a young Polish survivor, who Joey follows to Palestine where he ends up fighting and almost dying in the battles for Israel’s Independence.

    This important and inspiring story is based on true events including some of the actual experiences of the author who at the young age of 17 was in the U.S. 3rd Army stationed in Germany.

    374 pages

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