Tree of Life Crystal Grid by Ariana Ost

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    The Tree of Life, or "Etz Chaim" is common symbol and motif in Jewish culture, and this crystal grid from Ariana Ost celebrates the ancient tradition. Crystal grids are a special arrangement of crystals and stones placed and used with intention to manifest a desired result. The crystals for this grid are chosen for their healing, strength, and harmonious properties. The crystals featured on this crystal grid are carnelian, red jasper, purple lepidolite, tree agate, fuchsite, aquamarine, rose quartz, clear quartz, rainbow fluorite. Each grid is made with recycled materials and uses ethically sourced crystals. Place this crystal grid on a table as a centerpiece or on the wall as hanging decor. Each crystal grid comes with information cards explaining the properties of each crystal.

    Ariana Ost, a design atelier based in New York City, represents a deep Jewish heritage and a commitment to holistic wellness. Named in honor of the late Dafna Ost, the mother of co-founder Ariana and wife of co-founder Jack Haber, the brand stands as a tribute to the resilience and spirit of their ancestors.

    The maternal grandparents of Ariana were Holocaust survivors, valiant freedom fighters, and founders of the state of Israel. Their enduring strength and dedication to freedom deeply influence the mission at Ariana Ost, which strives to create objects that not only beautify spaces but also imbue them with soul and meaningful resonance. Ariana's grandfather, Jack Ost, was a pioneer in the first Yom Ha'atzmaut parade, marking a pivotal moment in the family's legacy. On the Haber side, the family faced religious persecution in Egypt, leading to a dramatic upheaval and eventual resettlement in America. This journey of resilience and reinvention is woven into every piece created by the Ariana Ost brand, celebrating the freedom and heritage that define the family's story.

    Founded by the father-daughter duo Jack and Ariana Haber, Ariana Ost merges Jewish traditions with a contemporary approach to wellness and design. Each item is crafted to be a modern-day heirloom, inviting individuals to partake in the narrative and create their own stories. Through Ariana Ost, the legacy of the past continues to inspire and guide future generations, bringing meaning and celebration into everyday life.

    Brass, carnelian, red jasper, purple lepidolite, tree agate, fuchsite, aquamarine, rose quartz, clear quartz, rainbow fluorite
    Approx. 8.75"L x 9"H


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