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A Guide to the Beliefs, Traditions, and Practices of Judaism that Answers Questions for Both Jew and Non-Jew
by Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer
revised by Lawrence A. Hoffman
Contemporary anecdotes, modern interpretations, a thematic organization, and a new glossary have breathed new life into this enduring classic. What is a Jew? answers more that 100 of the most commonly asked questions about Jewish life and customs, from "Where do Jews Fast on Certain days?" and "What is 'Keeping Kosher'?" to "Do Jewish Believe in Fate?" and "Why is Israel Sacred for Jews?" Wheather you're searching for a brief, easy to understand answer to a specific question or looking for a general guide to the beliefs and practices of Judaism, you'll find it in the accessable, contemporary, and thoroughly enjoyable What is a Jew?
306 Pages

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