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by Michael van Straten
Traditionally associated with the heavy, fat-laden foods of Europe — deep-fried latkes, chicken fat and desserts — Jewish food is, in fact, far more varied. Jews who migrated to other parts of the world developed cuisines unique to their new countries, yet still flavored with the tastes of the Middle East and the strict requirements of Jewish dietary laws. This illustrated book takes readers on a journey around the world, showing how Jewish cookery adapted and why it offers so many health benefits. There is the light, flavorful Mediterranean diet of Greek Jews and the Moorish-influenced food of the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492, both of which are rich in natural antioxidants. There are also recipes for the grain-based dishes of North Africa and the salads of the Middle East. With recipes like egg and onion with cilantro, nutty spinach with raisins, schmaltz herrings and ginger hazelnut cookies, this cookbook is a treasure trove of delicious, nutritious recipes for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.
158 Pages

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