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The Definitive Position-by-Position Ranking of Baseball's Chosen Players
by Howard Megdal From the icons of the game to the players who got their big break but never quite broke through, The Baseball Talmud provides a wonderful historical narration of Major League Jewish baseball in America. The book includes the stats, the facts, the stories and the (often unheralded) glory.
The Baseball Talmud reveals that there is far more to Jewish baseball than Hank Greenberg's powerful slugging and Sandy Koufax's masterful control. From Ausmus to Zinn, Berg to Kinsler, Holtzman to Yeager and many others, Megdal draws upon the lore and the little-known details that increase our enjoyment of the game, including: which Jewish player spent a portion of his retirement as a spy, who received $50,000 and a car to quit school and join the major leagues, how many players sat out of games scheduled on Yom Kippur and which famous player chose baseball over becoming a rabbi.
This book contains more than just stories. Megdal, a stat geek himself, uses the wealth of modern sabermetrics to determine the greatest Jewish players at each position, and the all-time Jewish All-Star team and how they would rate against the greatest teams in baseball history, from the 1906 Chicago Cubs to the 1998 New York Yankees.
320 Pages

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