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In sacred geometry, symbolic and sacred meanings are ascribed to certain geometric shapes and proportions. In classical geometry, the five Platonic solids are three-dimensional shapes with the same face on all sides. These include: pyramid (four triangle faces), cube (six square faces), octahedron (eight triangle faces), dodecahedron (twelve pentagon faces) and icosahedron (twenty triangle faces).
ThreeASFOUR’s MER KA BA exhibition at The Jewish Museum is informed by these meaning-rich geometric configurations. Video projections of the five Platonic solids, created with the 3D animation designer Alex Czetwertynski, play across the interior walls of a star tetrahedron-shaped architectural structure or ‘temple,’ designed in collaboration with Studio Christian Wassmann. This high-quality, clear quartz crystal set includes each of the five platonic solids, which come in their own muslin drawstring pouch.
Clear quartz crystal
Diameter 3/4” (please note that due to the organic nature of the material there may be slight variations in size)

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