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By Maurice Berger and Joan Rosenbaum, with entries by Vivian B. Mann, Norman L. Kleeblatt and the staff of The Jewish Museum
This beautifully illustrated book explores the culture, history and beliefs of the Jewish people by presenting an extraordinary selection of works from the museum's collection. Ranging from antiquity to the present day, these artworks and ritual objects include: a fourth-century glass vessel and ancient burial plaques; exquisite Torah decorations and marriage contracts; stunningly ornate Hanukkah lamps and spice containers; beautiful paintings and prints, by such artists as: Moritz Daniel Oppenheim, Marc Chagall and Ben Shahn; striking contemporary works by Leonard Baskin, Sol LeWitt, George Segal, Diane Arbus, Richard Avedon and many others; and selections of video and still images from television and film, ranging from documentaries and dramas to situation comedies. Two introductory essays discuss the history and significance of The Jewish Museum, followed by a superb range of artworks grouped thematically in categories such as: memory and history; spirituality and faith; society, politics and community; text and representation; and television and culture. Each work is accompanied by a short essay providing description and interpretation. Together, the reproductions and lively text recount the fascinating story of how Jewish culture has evolved over the centuries and across continents. Softcover 240 pages
240 Pages

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