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South African photographer David Goldblatt has been documenting the complexities of life in his native country for over fifty years... almost like an archeologist, showing the remnants left behind as evidence of what happened before." - DLK Collection 2009

David Goldblatt (b. 1930) is one of South Africa’s most highly regarded photographers. As both citizen and photographer, he was witness to apartheid’s infiltration into every aspect of South African life. This book presents a collection of black and white photographs chronicling on South Africa’s human landscape in the apartheid and post-apartheid eras. His photos do not look at the large events or the public face of violence; rather, they focus on the world of ordinary people and the minutiae of everyday life, illuminating the depth of injustice and the character of the people who imposed it and who struggled against it.

Goldblatt’s Jewish identity is germane to his work. The anti-Semitism that he frequently experienced made him especially sensitive to the deep humiliation and discrimination suffered by blacks under apartheid, informing his artistic vision as well as his attitude toward his country.

200 pages

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