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By Susan Chevlowe, with contributions by Joanna Lindenbaum and Ilan Stavans
Ten newly commissioned projects examine the complexities of contemporary Jewish-American identity. While American Jews are commonly considered a homogenous ethnic group, the reality today is far more complex. Conversion, adoption, intermarriage and immigration have transformed the fabric of Jewish communities in the United States. This fascinating, beautifully illustrated book explores questions of American-Jewish identity today. Featuring ten photographic and video projects by emerging and mid-career artists, all commissioned by The Jewish Museum, the book presents a range of provocative discussions of the nature of Jewish identity in 21st-century America.
Author Susan Chevlowe discusses how the artists explore individual communities to dispel stereotypes of contemporary Jewish life and contributor Ilan Stavans dissects the diversity of American Jews over the last century. In illuminating interviews with the artists, contributor Joanna Lindenbaum provides insights into their ideas and methods.
232 pages

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