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by Maggie Anton
The first novel of a dramatic trilogy set in 11th-century France that describes the lives and loves of three daughters of a great Talmud scholar. In this novel, set in 1068, the scholar Salomon Ben Isaac, known as "Rashi," returns home to Troyes, France to take over the family's wine making business. He embark on a path that will indelibly influence the Jewish world—writing the first Talmud commentary and secretly teaching Talmud to his daughters.
Joheved, the eldest of his three girls, finds her mind and spirit awakened by religious study, but, knowing the risk, she must keep her passion for learning and prayer hidden. When she becomes betrothed to Meir ben Samuel, she is forced to choose between marital happiness and being true to her love of the Talmud.
384 Pages

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