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Handcrafted by artist Aleksandra Pollner, these fortune cookies have timeless Yiddish sayings inside.  Break them open to reveal a fortune written in both English and Yiddish.  There are 24 different sayings in all - you never know which one you'll get!  Each cookie comes in a natural cotton gift pouch, which is perfect for holding the fortune and cookie 'crumbs' after breaking.  Made in Seattle, Washington.
Sample Fortunes:
When one must, one can. // Az me muz, ken men.
Nerve succeeds! // Chutspeh gilt!
If you can't go over, go under. // Az me ken nit ariber, gait men arunter.
If fortune calls, offer him a seat.  // Ven dos mazel kumt, shtel im a shtul.
Aleksandra Pollner is a multimedia artist working in ceramics.  She enjoys being in conversation with the simple material clay - a conversation in play, form, function and life.  Originally from Gdansk, Poland, she currently resides in Seattle, Washington.  Learn more about Aleksandra's work at www.aleksandrapollner.com.
White porcelain
2-1/4" x 2" x 1-1/4"

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