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by Dr. Ron Wolfson with Joel Lurie Grishaver

This revised and expanded edition of the classic spiritual sourcebook offers updated information, more ideas and new resources for every aspect of the Festival of Freedom.

An inspiring and practical how-to guide, Passover clearly explains all the vital information that you need to fully honor—and enjoy—this sacred celebration, including: History and meaning, How to prepare, from shopping to kashering to selecting a Haggadah rituals, prayers, and blessings (step-by-step), Songs and prayers in English and Hebrew (with clear transliterations), Innovative and imaginative new traditions to enliven your celebration, Firsthand explanations and ideas from a variety of perspectives, New information and ideas about how to involve everyone—from toddlers to teens to grandparents—in a meaningful seder experience.

Enriched by real-life voices sharing practical, useful suggestions and advice, this resource helps us to reacquaint ourselves with time-tested traditions and discover old and new ways to celebrate the birth and continuous renewal of the Jewish people.

416 pages

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