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This ketubah, by New York artist Stephanie Caplan, features a stylized chrysanthemum inspired by art from Japan's Momoyama period. The soft-colored flowers are mixed with elegant eucalyptus leaves, celebrating the beauty of nature and union.
Caplan has been designing ketubot for over 15 years. A graduate of comparative religion and art history, she designs ketubot as a way to fulfill her creative side as well as her love of Jewish tradition and history. Caplan originally taught herself the art of Hebrew calligraphy and later studied in London. She prides herself on the unique character of her fonts, which have been created from her own handwriting style. Her artistic influences are mainly artists that use simplicity and beauty to move audiences. Caplan lives and works in Manhattan's East Village, once a thriving Yiddish community, and she is moved by the rich Jewish tradition and history that surrounds her.
To place an order for this ketubah, which requires assistance by a sales associate for personalization and text choice, please call Celebrations - The Jewish Museum Design Shop, (212) 423-3260, during regular store hours. Our selection of ketubot can be viewed in person at Celebrations: The Jewish Museum Design Shop.
These prices do not include an additional personalization fee.
Available texts:
Aramaic Hebrew/ English Conservative with Lieberman Hebrew/English Egalitarian

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