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This is a reproduction of a folio from the Kennicott Bible.
Featured in the top left corner is King David as an old man at the beginning of the Book of Kings. He is seated on a stylized gold and colored throne with geometrical interlaces and penwork foliage motifs. The miniature bears some resemblence to pictures of the king from a deck of popular Spanish playing cards. David's large club should be compared to a sheet of various Catalan cards, which was found in the binding of a book printed in Barcelona in 1495 and may have been available to the artist when he designed King David. By providing it with a biblical context, the artist produced a representation of David that is considered unique.
The Kennicott Bible is one of the most lavish mediaeval Spanish manuscripts in existence. This completely vocalised Bible with massoretic notes, hand-written in a clear Sephardi script of the Middle Ages, was lavishly illuminated and bound into goatskin box binding, blind-embossed on all six sides. The Bible is a treasure of the Bodliean Library in Oxford, England and named after Benjamin Kennicott, the English Hebraist (1718-1783) who continued the English tradition of studying the Hebrew bible.
Each Kennicott Bible facsimile is printed in up to 12 colors on specially made parchment paper and burnished gold was copied by laying metal leaf by hand. Produced in England by Facsimile Editions.
12-1/2"t x 10"w

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