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Baseball is considered the quintessentially American sport with good reason. Emerging by the mid-19th century as the nation’s most popular game, baseball provided each new wave of immigrants with an avenue into American culture. The film Jews and Baseball traces the Jewish involvement in the history of the sport from the game’s earliest days through the tumultuous war years to today’s All-Star games. By bringing to life dramatic moments in its history, including how the legendary Sandy Koufax pioneered rights for players and Hank Greenberg’s support of Jackie Robinson, the film demonstrates how Jews shaped baseball and baseball shaped them.
Narrated by two-time Academy Award® winner Dustin Hoffman, this lively and thorough account of Jewish America’s love affair with baseball sheds new light on America’s national pastime. The film includes interviews with former player Al Rosen, sports historian Maury Allen, celebrity enthusiasts Larry King and Ron Howard, and all-stars Shawn Green and Kevin Youklis, as well as a rare interview with baseball legend Sandy Koufax. DVD Features: Includes deleted scenes, such as interviews with Sandy Koufax and Sophie Milman singing “Take Me Out To the Ball Game.”
Run Time: 91 minutes + extras

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