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This havdalah set is handcrafted by American artisan Marian Slepian, who has created works in cloisonne enamel for more than 30 years. Each piece features an intricate cloisonne design. The symbols in the designs include: a fish representing the eye of God, seven flames for the days of the week, four ovals for the matriarchs, three triangles (tents) for the patriarchs, a Tree of Life, three pillars on which the world stands (tshuva, tzedakah and Torah ), 12 circles for the 12 tribes and eight spirals for the holidays. The interior of the cup features scattered leaves representing the scattered tribes of Israel. The set includes a havdalah candle holder, kiddush cup and spice box.
Cloisonne art is created using vitreous enamel (art glass) fused to fine pewter with pure silver cloisonne wires. Once the design is created, it is repeatedly kiln fired at 1500 degrees.
Finely polished pewter
Cup: 5-1/8"h x 2-5/8"w
Spice box: 5-3/4"h x 2-1/2"w
Candle holder: 4-3/4"h x 2-3/4"w

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