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In ancient Egypt the hieroglyphs mer (rotating light), ka (spirit), and ba (body), placed together, describe the energy field through which the soul enters the body and ascends to higher planes. A contemporary belief is that merkaba is a vehicle of transcendence; this idea is represented as two pyramids, interlaced to form a three-dimensional, six-pointed star.
In MER KA BA, threeASFOUR’s exhibition at The Jewish Museum, merkaba is ever-present, from the custom fabric prints and the shape of the "temple" to the glowing animations that light the room. The exhibition space will transform into a sanctuary, inviting contemplation. This multi-dimensional merkaba star is made of quality clear quartz crystal. Each comes in a muslin drawstring pouch.
Clear quartz crystal
Diameters range from 1/2”- 3/4” (variation due to the organic nature of the material)

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