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Shira Kline brings eco-music to a new generation, celebrating the wonders of growing up green! In the spirit of "School House Rock" and "Free to Be You and Me," these clever, catchy songs appeal to children and parent alike. Earth Worm Disco is a musical playground for all of the little rock n' rollers out there who love to sing and dance and love the planet too! The package and cd tray for this cd is even made entirely of recycled or green materials!
1. Roll Up On Your Tricycle
2. Earth Worm Disco
3. Farmers Market
4. Reduce Reuse Recycle & Rock
5. Way Up There
6. The Sun Shines Down on Every One
7. Recyclin' Machine
8. Whole Wide World
9. G-Generation
10. Turning of the World
*Bonus Track 11. Remix of Reduce Reuse Recycle & Rock by the Electric Junkyard Gamelan

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