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ShirLaLa Shabbat! is packed full of wonderful Shabbat music, including: prayers, blessings and traditional Shabbat melodies, as well as some rock 'n roll clapping, singing and dancing music for children and their parents. Listening to the entire CD offers a rich, full Shabbat experience, but each track was arranged as its own amazing Shabbat song celebration. Parents, the end of the CD was created especially for you as it includes: a prayer for peace, a meditation on the Sh'ma and a very holy blessing to give your children. I hope that ShirLaLa Shabbat! inspires and nurtures your home as you celebrate this special day. Enjoy!

1. Shabbat Bamba
2. I Got That Shabbat Feeling
3. Ki Eshmera Shabbat
4. Y'varech'cha
5. Eema-Aba
6. Mah Yafeh Hayom
7. Bim Bam
8. Avodah/M'nuchah
9. Hal'l'l'l'l'luyah
10. Bim Bam Intro.
11. Chiri Bim Bam
12. Shiru Shir
13. Sim Shalom
14. Sh'ma
15. Boi Kallah
16. Challah in the Oven
17. Thank You God
18. Chicken in the Pot


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