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Each card in this set of 4 blank cards features a different painting from the New York Sub-Culinary Map by Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz. They are: "Who Doesn't Love a Cake?", "Cheeses of New York", "Swedish Meatball Building", and "Eleanor Roosevelt Preferred to Buy Her Gum on the Subway." Also included are 4 coordinating off-white envelopes.
About the New York Sub-Culinary Map: Artists Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz began working on the mouth-watering map in September 2003. Meyerowitz was riding an A train headed downtown during lunchtime when the idea of turning the subway map into a food map came to mind. He and Kalman immediately began researching his idea by visiting ethnic food stores and restaurants all over the city. They worked on renaming all the parks, neighborhoods, waterways and subway stops. One year and 650 food names later, a cropped version of the New York Sub-Culinary Map made its way into a September 2004 edition of The New Yorker magazine.
Each card measures 4" x 5-1/2"

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