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This unique yad features a bear in a tree and expresses, through its details, the joy of learning Torah. As the baby bear crawls up the tree toward its mother, it reaches for the honey pot she holds out, which represents the wisdom of the Torah itself. Handmade in Rhode Island.
Forgotten Judaica is a company comprising three siblings: Lisa Van Allsburg, Laura M Babai and David Morrison. Together, they sought to find antique ritual Judaica crafted by traditional Jewish artisans. Their mission, rooted in the idea of "Figurative Judaica," is to make the items used in everyday practices of Jewish life available to the public. They have traveled throughout Israel and Europe, discovering Judaica in museums and private collections, and they have created Forgotten Judaica, their collection, which is in memory of everything they have seen and in the rich tradition of Jewish artisans.
Sterling silver
7-1/4" long

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