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Soup cans! Dollar bills! Movie stars! Paint by numbers! Is it art? Yes! Andy Warhol's art.
by Susan Goldman Rubin
Following award-winning artist biographies of Degas and the Dance, Toulouse-Lautrec and Cézanne, this book examines the life and times of Andy Warhol. A leader of the American art movement known as Pop, short for "popular culture," Warhol changed the way we think of art. Assisted by photographs taken of Warhol throughout his life and examples of his early drawings and best-known works, Susan Goldman Rubin traces his rise from poverty to wealth, and from obscurity to fame.
After attending art school in Pittsburgh, Warhol launched his career as a commercial artist in New York and quickly won acclaim for his creative advertisements. When he turned to "real" paintings, he used his background in commercial illustration and blurred the line between high and low art. Warhol's unique images will appeal to young readers and inspire them to view the world in new ways.
48 Pages

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