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by Mariane Pearl
For five weeks, the world waited for news about Danny Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped in Karachi, Pakistan, and then came the broadcast of his shocking murder. The complete account of his abduction, the intense effort to rescue him and the aftermath are told here -- in astonishing detail, and with courage and insight -- by his surviving wife, Mariane.
A Mighty Heart is the unforgettable story of two journalists who fell in love with their work -- and with each other. Together, Mariane and Danny Pearl traveled across the globe, dedicated to journalism, a discipline that increases the understanding of international politics and of ethnic and religious conflict. In the end, Danny was caught up in the dangerous fissure where warring cultures, politics and ideologies collide. A Mighty Heart is both a portrait of a partnership built on the ideals of love, truth and justice and a critical look at the methods and structure of the Al Qaeda network.
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