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The 72 Names Kabbalah Gold Cuff is a beautiful and interesting piece of jewelry. Designed by Israeli artist Keren Peled, the cuff has a few of the 72 names of G-d inscribed in Biblical Hebrew letters. According to Kabbalistic use, the 72 names of G-d are channels of energy that contain certain properties. Made in Israel.
The names that are written on the cuff and their properties are: ELD - Aleph, Lamed, Daled - protection
ARI- Aleph, Reish, Yud - Certainty that G-d is always there
HHA - Heh, Heh, Ayin - Unconditional Love
MHS - Mem, Heh, Shin - Healing and health
SIT - Samech, Yud, Tet - Miracles
SAH- Shin, Aleph, Heh - Attracting your soulmate
24-kt. gold-plated brass
6-1/4" around 2" wide 1" opening for wrist to slide on

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