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CD You Don't Have To Be Jewish

CD You Don't Have To Be Jewish

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Bob Booker and George Foster present: You Don't Have To Be Jewish and When You're In Love The Whole World Is Jewish.
Two classic albums on on CD!
The original, long, out of circulation Top #10 album and its sequel have been sought after by collectors for years. You Don't Have To Be Jewish to enjoy these 36 tracks featuring performances by Valerie Harper, Lou Jacobi and other stars doing their hilarious take on Jewish American Culture - 60s style!
1. A Call From Long Island - Betty Walker/Arlene Golonka
2. Home From The Office - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker
3. The Reading Of The Will - Jack Gilford/Lou Jacobi/Jackie Kannon/Arlene Golonka/Betty Walker
4. The Diamond - Arlene Golonka/Betty Walker
5. Quickies: The Astronaut/The School/The Confession - Jack Gilford/Betty Walker/Bob McFadden/Arlene Golonka/Jackie Kannon
6. The Jury - Frank Gilford/Lou Jacobi/Arlene Golonka/Betty Walker
7. The Presidents - Joe Silver/Bob McFadden/Jack Gilford
8. The Cocktail Party - Frank Gallop/Lou Jacobi
9. Final Discussion - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker
10. More Quickies: Cry For Help/Panic/Two Husbands - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker
11. The Convicts - Bob McFadden/Jackie Kannon/Joe Silver/Jack Gilford
12. The Housewarming - Arlene Golonka/Jack Gilford/Betty Walker
13. The Lucheon - Arlene Golonka/Betty Walker
14. Still More Quickies: The Storm/The Newspaper Reporter/The Home Remedy - Lou Jacobi/Jack Gilford/Jackie Kannon/Frank Gallop/Betty Walker
15. Conversation In The Lobby - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker
16. The Agony And The Ecstasy - Betty Walker/Arlene Golonka
17. My Son, The Captain - Lou Jacobi/Jackie Kannon/Betty Walker
18. Secret Agent, James Bondstein - Lou Jacobi/Jack Gilford/Frank Gallop/Joe Silver/Betty Walker/Jackie Kannon
19. Enough Already Withe The Quickies: Dinner/The Elevator/Classified As, Israeli Style - Betty Walker/Jackie Kannon/Arlene GolonkaJack Gilford
20. Goldstein - Joe Silver/Jack Gilford/Frank Gallop
21. Would You Believe It? - Phil Leeds
22. The Hobby - Lou Jacobi/Phil Leeds
23. My Husband, The Monster - Betty Walker/Bob McFadden
24. The Ballad Of Irving - Frank Gallop
25. The Shoe Repair Shop - Lou Jacobi
26. Divorce, Kosher Style - Frank Gallop/Betty Walker
27. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Anthony Holland/Lou Jacobi/Bob McFadden
28. Things Might Have Been Different - Lou Jacobi/Anthony Holland/Valerie Harper/Betty Walker/Frank Gallop
29. A Call From Greenwich Village - Betty Walker/Valerie Harper
30. The Great Bank Robbery - Lou Jacobi/Phil Leeds
31. Discussion In The Airplane - Phil Leeds/Valerie Harper/Betty Walker 32. Miami Beach - Lou Jacobi/Phil Leeds
33. Schtick: The Traveler/The Panhandler/The Cemetary - Lou Jacobi/Valerie Harper/Betty Walker/Frank Gallop
34. The Kidnapping - Lou Jacobi
35. The Bar Mitzvah - Lou Jacobi/Betty Walker/Phil Leeds/Anthony Holland/Bob McFadden
36. When You're In Love The Whole World Is Jewish - Lou Jacobi

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CD You Don't Have To Be Jewish
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CD You Don't Have To Be Jewish
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