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Kennicott Bible Facsimile #121

Kennicott Bible Facsimile #121

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This is a reproduction of a folio from the Kennicott Bible.

It features the Sanctuary Implements and is divided into two compartments, with the gold and colored implements prominent against the blue background.

The first item, featured in the top right corner, is a pitcher-like basin on its stand, used for washing priests' hands and feet. On the second step is a hook used for turning the sacrificial meat on the altar. On the lower step is Aaron's rod. In the center of the top compartment is the Ark of the Covenant, surrounded by a foliage motif enclosing the Tables of Testimony - one in silver, the other in gold. In the top left corner is the Altar of Sacrifice and a large brown tree growing on the Mount of Olives. At the top of the lower compartment are two horns and two long trumpets. A shewbread table is in the center, with 12 loaves of bread arranged in two tiers. Above the table are two bird-like cherubs with fish wings and crossed beaks.

The Kennicott Bible is one of the most lavish mediaeval Spanish manuscripts in existence. This completely vocalised Bible with massoretic notes, hand-written in a clear Sephardi script of the Middle Ages, was lavishly illuminated and bound into goatskin box binding, blind-embossed on all six sides.  The Bible is a treasure of the Bodliean Library in Oxford, England and named after Benjamin Kennicott, the English Hebraist (1718-1783) who continued the English tradition of studying the Hebrew bible.

Each Kennicott Bible facsimile is printed in up to 12 colors on specially made parchment paper and burnished gold was copied by laying metal leaf by hand.  Produced in England by Facsimile Editions.

12-1/2"t x 10"w

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Kennicott Bible Facsimile #121
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Kennicott Bible Facsimile #121
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