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Squirrel Yad by Forgotten Judaica

Squirrel Yad by Forgotten Judaica

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This yad features a squirrel sitting atop an acorn-adorned tree branch. Reflective of nature in its purest form, the high quality of craftsmanship of this yad is shown in its minute and careful details. Small animals such as squirrels were often seen in some of the earliest illustrations in Jewish manuscripts, as well as the squirrel taking part in many folk tales. Handmade in Rhode Island.
Sterling silver
8" long

Details & Dimensions

Designer Info

Forgotten Judaica is a company comprising three siblings: Lisa Van Allsburg, Laura M Babai and David Morrison. Together, they sought to find antique ritual Judaica crafted by traditional Jewish artisans. Their mission, rooted in the idea of "Figurative Judaica" is to connect the past and present by offering items used in everyday practices in Jewish life. They have traveled throughout Israel and Europe, viewing Judaica in museums and private collections. Their collection, Forgotten Judaica, is in memory of all that they have seen representing the rich tradition of Jewish artisans.

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Squirrel Yad by Forgotten Judaica
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Squirrel Yad by Forgotten Judaica
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