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Curved Floral Mezuzah by Danny Azoulay

Curved Floral Mezuzah by Danny Azoulay

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Israeli artist Danny Azoulay, known for his intricately painted patterns on ceramic, designed this curved mezuzah in blues, pinks and cream colors with metallic gold accents. The ends feature gold-plated metal used to affix the mezuzah to the doorpost. Made in Israel. Scroll sold separately.
6 1/4" long

Details & Dimensions

Designer Info

Born in Morocco and raised in Israel, Danny Azoulay is a prize-winning graduate of the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem.  In his art, the landscapes of Daniel’s childhood are combined with Jewish symbolism, artistic and architectural motifs from Europe, Morocco and Israel.  Danny specializes in the ancient art of papercutting, another way in which his work reflects deeply traditional aspects of the rich Jewish experience. Papercutting experienced a resurgence in Israel in the 20th Century, and Danny has been at the forefront of adapting this ancient technique into stunning, modern ketubot.

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Curved Floral Mezuzah by Danny Azoulay
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Curved Floral Mezuzah by Danny Azoulay
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