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CD Jewish Wedding Hits

CD Jewish Wedding Hits

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This compilation contains 15 tracks especially suitable for joyous celebrations, such as: Weddings, Birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, etc. Most of the tracks are played instrumentally and the rest are vocal performances.
Wedding Hora Medley - Eitan Masuri
Freilechs - Hanan Bar Sela
Modoveniaske - Di Goyim
Samchem Medley - Eitan Masuri
Beigalach - Boris Savchuk
Havu Ez La'taish - Giora Feidman
She'yivane Beit Hamikdash - Ami Shavit
Yevarechecha Hora Medley - Shmuel Achiezer
Heysher Bulgar - Di Goyim
Sisu Vesimchu Hora Medley - Eitan Masuri
Azoi Tantzen In Odessa - Giora Feidman
Chiribim, Chiribom Medley - Boris Savchuk
Nashir Yachdav - Duo Reim & Giora Feidman
Ani Ma'amin Chassidic Medley - Eitan Masuri
Glass Breaking Medley - Shully & The Synthetizer
Made in Israel

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CD Jewish Wedding Hits
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CD Jewish Wedding Hits
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