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Don't Mind Me and Other Jewish Lies

Don't Mind Me and Other Jewish Lies

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by Esther Cohen

Illustrated by Roz Chast

We all tell lies. But Jewish lies are a little bit different. Here’s an example: "It doesn’t matter if you read this." The Jewish people speak many languages. There’s English, of course, and Hebrew, and let’s not forget Yiddish and Ladino. But the language Jews have mastered is saying one thing and meaning another. And, after a while, everyone understands the real meaning of the “lie.” Esther Cohen has been listening all her life. She’s written down what she’s heard and the result is this small book with a big punch: the first ever list of these subtle (sort of), sly (very) and hilarious Jewish “lies.”

The New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast is a masterful interpreter of lies herself—bringing this particular set to life in her inimitably quirky style. Don’t Mind Me is a unique compilation of all-too-familiar phrases guaranteed to make you smile. For anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of one of these lies, this is one book that rings absolutely true. ch, Mogel helps parents to ably navigate the often rough journey through the teenage years and guide children to becoming confident, resilient young adults. By viewing the frustrating and worrisome elements of adolescence as "blessings," Mogel reveals that they are, in fact, necessary steps in psychological growth and character development to be met with faith, detachment and a sense of humor rather than over-involvement and anxiety. Mogel offers reassuring spiritual and ethical advice on why influence is more effective than control, teenage narcissism, living graciously with rudeness, the value of ordinary work, why risk is essential preparation for the post–high school years, when to step in and when to step back and a sanctified approach to sex and substances.

112 pages

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Don't Mind Me and Other Jewish Lies
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Don't Mind Me and Other Jewish Lies
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