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The Moriah Haggadah

The Moriah Haggadah

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by Avner Moriah
For this limited edition haggadah, Israeli artist Avner Moriah created a visual image in watercolors for each portion of the Passover seder.  As evocative models for the figures and images, the artist looked to Egyptian wall paintings and reliefs, and the small human and animal figures of the early Bronze and Iron Ages - the time when the Israelites settled in the land of Israel.  For the colors, he looked to the blues, oranges and golds of the eternal Middle East landscape.  There are several recurring images throughout The Moriah Haggadah: the image of freedom, the images of family and the Hand of God carrying the Israelites out of slavery.  The roundel motif is used frequently in the Haggadah to represent the circular repetition of Jewish history and life.
Leatherbound with cloth sleeve box
Archival paper
Written in Hebrew (Hardcover book available with English translation)
Edition available: 122/360
Avner Moriah was born in Jerusalem.  He holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Architecture and an MFA from Yale University's Graduate Schoool of  Art and Architecture. His works have been acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Israel Museum, the Skirball Museum and the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. A multiple of The Moriah Haggadah is included in the permanent collection of The Jewish Museum.

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The Moriah Haggadah
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The Moriah Haggadah
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