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Menurkey Menorah: Plaster

Menurkey Menorah: Plaster

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Remember Thanksgivukkah for years to come with your own Menurkey menorah. A commemorative, yet functional menorah that's sure to be a conversation starter for years to come, the Menurkey is once again available in The Jewish Museum Shops - the exclusive New York City retailer.
Around the base of the menorah is written "Menurkey - Happy Hanukkah - 2013 - 5774."
Hanukkah 2013 was like no other before and like no other that will come again in our lifetime - for the first time Hanukkah and Thanksgiving overlapped! To celebrate this rare event, nine-year-old New Yorker Asher Weintraub conceived, designed and named the Menurkey - a Hanukkah menorah shaped like a Thanksgiving turkey! Inspired by the similar themes of thankfulness found in the two holidays, Asher set out to create the perfect way to commemorate this momentous holiday. He used Tinkercad, a 3-D modeling platform, to develop the first sketches of the Menurkey prototype. Then, with help from his parents and some friends at Makerbot Studios, a 3-D model was printed. A successful Kickstarter campaign funded production at a New Jersey plaster factory and with Brooklyn ceramicist Connie Smith, the Menurkey became the sensation that swept the nation.
To celebrate Thanksgivukkah and the success of the Menurkey, President Obama invited Asher and his family to attend the 2013 White House Hanukkah party. In the spring of 2014, Asher was awarded The Disruptive Innovation award at the Tribeca Film Festival and, last but not least, the Menurkey was accepted into The Jewish Museum's permanent collection.
6.5"h x 8.5"w x 5.5"d

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Menurkey Menorah: Plaster
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Menurkey Menorah: Plaster
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