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The Jewish Museum Sterling Persian Kiddush Cup

The Jewish Museum Sterling Persian Kiddush Cup

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This cup is a reproduction of a 19th-century kiddush cup from Iran. The original, a masterpiece of the silversmith's art, is in the Jewish Museum's permanent collection. A profusion of vines, blossoms and birds surrounds the figures of the two Israelite spies who return from Canaan with proof of the abundance of the land. The kiddush cup had been reproduced on a reduced scale for modern use. The inscription around the rim expresses the traditional Hebrew blessing over wine, "Blessed art thou O Lord our G-d, King of the Universe, who has created the fruit of the vine." Finely crafted in sterling silver with a gold-wash interior. Made in the USA.
Sterling silver
7"h x 3 1/8"w

Details & Dimensions

Designer Info

Galmer Fine Silver was founded by Michael Izrael Galmer in Long Island City, New York, in 1981. Having just arrived to the US from his native Russia along with his wife, Galina and young daughter, Zina - the artist soon set up workshop in a garage. His doctorate in physics & chemistry, combined with a love of art & sculpture, melded perfectly as a platform for perfecting his skills and inventing creative and unique alternatives to silver making. 

Committed to the ancient art of repoussé (meaning “pushing-from-the-back”), Galmer began producing ravishing silver works reminiscent of early 1900 American tabletop. He and his workshop quickly became legendary for their custom silver creations commissioned by connoisseurs, collectors and museums. 

In addition to creating his own unique designs, Michael's craftsmanship extends to the art of high-quality museum reproductions. He has expertly crafted reproductions in silver and metal of several works from the Jewish Museum's permanent collection to be sold in the museum shop.  Each piece is a careful reproduction of the original to be treasured as an heirloom for future generations. 

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