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Rashi's Daughters Book II: Miriam

Rashi's Daughters Book II: Miriam

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by Maggie Anton
The engrossing historical series of three sisters in 11th-century France continues with the tale of Miriam, the lively and daring middle child of Salomon Ben Isaac, known as "Rashi." Having no sons, he continues to teach his daughters the intricacies of the Talmud in an era when educating women in Jewish scholarship was unheard of.
Miriam, emboldened by her knowledge and mourning the death of her betrothed, is determined to become not only the community’s midwife, but also their mohel--performing circumcisions. As devoted as she is to her chosen path, she cannot foresee the ways in which she will be tested and how heavily she will need to rely on her faith.
496 Pages

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Rashi's Daughters Book II: Miriam
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Rashi's Daughters Book II: Miriam
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